NYC Tech Jobs

New York Software Engineers (NYSE) is a community organization bringing together some of NYC's most talented engineers with the area's most respected tech companies and educational institutions through monthly events on emerging and disruptive technology topics. The tech jobs at our fairs are the latest opportunities available. We bring together our group's talent pool with our group sponsors in a relaxed setting where the hiring process can be simplified. On top of the physical job fairs we throw quarterly, we also have a virtual job fair that runs constantly and is completely free for software engineers. Pursuing tech jobs in New York has never been easier thanks to NYSE community events and job fairs.

New York Software Engineers Job Fair events bring together beautiful event spaces with the hiring process. Our events happen in the evening allowing for everyone to get off work and attend. The NYC Job Fair includes refreshments and food and brings together the area's best companies with the best tech talent. Engineers should bring working code or any apps they completed to make hiring as easy as possible.